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**Note-For Faster Response Time on Bids and  Repairs, Please E-mail or Call and leave your Full Name, Address (including zip code), and a Detailed Description of What You Need.  Also, Let Us Know if Your Back Gate is Locked and if There Are Any Dogs in The Back Yard.

Q:  I obtained multiple sprinkler bids.  I prefer HUNTER SERVICES, but other companies bid less zones or lower prices, what can be done?

A:  Call us.  Sometimes smaller companies severely under bid in order to simply keep their doors open.  We cannot compete with two men and a shovel on price, but we can beat their quality.  We do strive to beat All competitors bids.  Give us a chance.  We understand that we cannot win them all, but appreciate the opportunity to try.   If we can beat or match our competitors written estimates, we will.    
Your warranty is only good as long as that company is still around.  
 Unfortunately, we repair sprinkler systems every single year for home owners who got a "good deal"  only to find the installer is long gone a year later.

Q:  My sprinkler system seems to have a mind of it's own.  It is running more times than the program I  originally set.  Why is that?

A:  Although the Hunter Pro-C Sprinkler Controller is very easy to use, it also has the capacity to serve those with intricate sprinkler / landscaping needs.  There is an green oval "PRG" button located to the far right bottom of the display screen.  This is often mistaken for a button that needs to be pushed in order for the sprinkler controller to accept changes that a homeowner has made.  The Pro-C has three program modes A,B, and C.  Problem is, if more than one has times set on it they WILL RUN SIMULATANEOUSLY.  Check that your controller is set on A.  To do this you will need to turn the dial to "set watering start times" on the far right.  On the display screen it should say Program A.  If it does then you will need to check programs B and C to make sure they are clear.  With the dial still turned to "watering start times", hit the "PRG" button once, then hit the green right arrow through all 4 start times.  They should all say "OFF".  Hit the "PRG" button one more time to check Program C.  If both B and C say "OFF" for all 4 start times, then call Hunter Services for a service call.  If they do not all say "OFF', then you have found the problem.  Go to the one or more that have time set on them and Press the square "+ or -" button until they says "OFF".  Clear as mud, right?

Q:  I have a sprinkler zone that will not quit running.  I turned the sprinkler controller to "OFF", but it kept running.  What should I do?

or I was digging in my yard and hit a sprinkler pipe, now there is water continually coming out or there is an obvious leak only when that sprinkler zone runs, what should I do?

A:  Right next to your city water meter, there is a 12x8" green lid that is flush with the ground.  It should be within 3', give or take, of the city water meter.  Inside that box is the main shut-off for your sprinkler system.  When turned on, the handles will both be running parallel to the ground.  To shut off the sprinkler system simply turn either handle to where one end is facing the sky.  Then call HUNTER SERVICES for a maintenance call.  If it is not a continuous mainline leak, you can simply turn the controller to "OFF". 

Hint: What to do if you believe your sprinkler system has a leak, but are not quite sure.

Make sure all the water in the house is off (ie: sinks, washing machine)  Go to your city water meter.  The needle should not be turning at all.  If it is, and you are sure there is nothing running in the house, then turn off the double check (the device in the 12"x8" green box) then check again to see if it stopped moving. 

Q:  I have had my sprinkler system for a while and have always had a nice green lawn,  but I suddenly have dry spots, why is that?

A:  Has the season changed to a hotter period?  When the Texas days begin to reach the 90's to 100's consistently you will have to bump your time up or add an extra day.  It is not typically that the coverage is poor or a problem with the sprinkler system.  The best sprinkler system with the best coverage in the world cannot stand up to a Texas Heat Wave without extra water.  Rotor zones (the heads that go back and forth) will typically show the biggest change.  It takes these heads almost a minute to get from one side to the other.  Therefore, they will need extra time when it is extra hot compared to a zone with constant spray pop-ups.  Another reason could be tall grass.  These systems are designed to work most efficiently with a regularly maintained lawn.  It could also be that some heads are too low or need to be adjusted.  Turn the zone on where the problem is occurring.  Check that each sprinkler head is spraying as it should. 

Q:  I have sprinkler heads that are too low, too high, or tilted.  Why is that?

A:  Most builders use sandy loam to grade and landscape a yard.  This type of soil acts like quicksand when wet for the first 4-5 weeks.  The sprinkler heads have a tendency to sink, rise and tilt in this soil.  Also, the new sprinkler system is installed in 6-8" trenches of dirt that will now have to settle again.  Our crews compact these trenches as much as possible, but settling will still occur.  These heads are all on 6-8" flexible tubing under the ground.  Do not be afraid to pull a head up a bit if it is too low, tilt it back to it's original angle or try to push it lower.  Sometime extra dirt or a small rock is needed to keep it at it's proper height or angle once adjusted.  Eventually the ground around the sprinkler heads will become harder and keep them in their proper place. 

Q:  I broke a head while working in the yard.  I would like to replace it myself in order to save money.  Are they hard to replace?  Where can I get them?

A:  You can now purchase Hunter Brand replacement parts at your local Home Depot.
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