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Highest Quality Hunter and Rainbird Brand
Irrigation Products.
We use MP Rotators
instead of the "old-school" rotors many of
you have come to know. 
They are environmentally friendly and water
wise.  1/3 less flow rate of spray heads means
money savings for you..  

Each head is on a 7-8" swing joint. 
In homeowner language, that means each
and every spray head is attached to a piece
of flexible tubing so that they will flex in the
ground if: hit by a lawnmower, run over by
a car, stepped on by kids/ friends/ family,
etc...  In our professional opinion, the
Hunter Brand Controllers are, bar none, the
easiest to use and most reliable controllers
for homeowners on the market today. 
Hunter products are LIGHT-COMMERCIAL GRADE which translates into Heavy Duty, Reliable, and Precise sprinkler systems. 
For more information on Hunter Brand
Products please visit their websites at: 

We have hit the highlights of our irrigation
systems.  If there was anything at all that
you feel we have missed, please feel free to
E-mail or call us to ask.  512-690-3113

Each and every Hunter Irrigation System comes
with a remote port installed on the outside of
the home.  This allows HUNTER SERVICES
employees to assess and fix any problems you
may run into without the inconvenience of
having to take time off work to meet us.

**Ask a sales associate about purchasing a set
of Hunter Brand remote controls for home use.

We also Run Monthly Specials, which include
FREE items such as a rain sensor (turns your
system off automatically when it rains),  and
bubblers for new trees (trees grow much more
quickly when they have their own water supply). 
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