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Customer Reviews

A huge thanks to all of our customers who took their valuable time to leave
 feedback.  Also, a special thanks to all of you who sent us referrals. 
The biggest compliment we can receive is when you send referrals and leave
 feedback.  We could not do it without you!!

Thanks Again,

Alan & Matt

Austin's very best Irrigation

by jazzylady825 at Citysearch

Many of the comments noted here are so true about these two gentlemen.
They provide excellent customer service. Several times after our installment was
completed we had questions they responded immediately. As for the installation
I must say it was done in two days total, Matt's team is amazingly competant I
could not get over how fast they dug up the yard for the install then had the
whole system installed in 2 days. Matt continures to provide such excellent service,
we had problems not understanding how the system worked he came several
times to help my brother and I program the system to comply with the manditory
 watering schedule. I wish this business every success they truly deserve every
alloclade, they are honest, hard working,and patient with folks who just don't
get how to program correctly. They never loose patience and are always
considerate. They are the epitomy of great business. I wish them many customers.
What are you waiting for pick of the phone and call you will never regret your call.

    Great experience

    by rdbntx at Citysearch

    Matt and Alan are great representatives for the company. Alan responded almost
    instantly to every email I sent. Matt was the crew chief for our place and is very
    knowledgable about sprinkler systems and designed a 10 zone system that
    has 100% coverage of our yard. We used a different landscaper to put in a new
    yard and used Hunter for the irrigation system even though our landscaper
    had his own company he liked to do business with. Our landscaper was as
    impressed with the price and work that Hunter did as we were. He even told
    me that he could not match Hunter's price. The Hunter crew worked hard and did
    a great job. They dug the trenches by hand and were very careful they did not
    damage any existing landscaping. They raked the whole yard after putting in
    the system and hauled off all the rocks and debris even though they knew I had
    a landscaper that was going to be putting in sod. Matt thoroughly explained the
    controls and came back and adjusted some sprinkler heads after we had the sod

    We would use Hunter again and have recommended them to many of our
    friends and coworkers.

    If I had known that Hunter did landscaping as well as irrigation before I hired
    the other contractor I would probably have used Hunter. Not that my guy did
    not do a good job, but that I was so impressed with the job that Hunter did with
    the irrigation I know they would have done a fantastic landscaping job as well.

      Pleasurable Experience All Around!!

      by frankd39 at Citysearch

      Showed up to all of our meetings on time and prepared. Gave me and my wife a
      very good bid on sprinkler and landscaping. The crew was very hard working
      and courteous. Matt gave us a thourough walk through after the install. Our
      yard looks like new. We would use them again in a heart beat. Thanks Guys!


      Great Service, Great Price, Great
      Crew and
      more !

      by Sean SS at Citysearch

      I just had a system installed by Hunter last week. They did front, sides & back yard
      along with some sod installation. It started with Alan doing the estimate and
      scheduling and it was an easy process from the get go. Then as I always say,
      a company is only as good as the people it employs and I can't say enough
      about the crew they sent out. They did a professional, thorough job and were
      very nice from start to finish. Matt came by afterwards and walked me through
      the system controls and was as helpful and great to deal with as everyone else.
      These guys also installed an extra hose bibb in the back yard as a bonus.

      From start to finish I have been extremely happy with the service, product and
      price ! Alan also went above and beyond with some extras ! I will recommend this
      company to anyone who is thinking about getting a sprinkler system
      installed without hesitation.

      Also, don't forget the crew at the end of the day. They worked HARD and a case
      or two of Dos Equis will make them smile ! :)


        Nicest Guys Ever. Know what they're

        doing. Worked hard.

        by I Love Leander at Citysearch

        These guys are wonderful! We needed irrigation and sod for front, side, and back
        yards, and Hunter Sprinklers made our yard problems disappear.

        From start to finish, Alan and Matt were kind and considerate. They give
        old-fashioned, neighborly service. They returned phone calls, and answered
        questions in an honest and friendly way. They're approachable and genuine.

        They know what they're doing! On top of that, they freely shared information,
        both on their website and in conversation.

        Then our Install Date came, and everyone worked their butts off, and we
        ended-up with beautiful grass and a carefree sprinkler system. Their pricing is
        right on track with the level of genuine care that they are going to provide you,
        and with the best quality equipment out there. (We got the Mack Daddy
        programmer, haha!) They were worth every single dollar we paid. They worked
        so hard and gave us the most beautiful yard!

        This morning I sat on our little patio and drank coffee, and watched the sprinklers
        slowly move back and forth... (*Sprinkler Relaxation Therapy*)... And I just
        couldn't believe THIS IS MY BACK YARD! We are very happy to realize that we can
        have people over now. They gave us a yard that we'll be proud of when family
        and friends and co-workers come over.

        I just had no idea how beautiful they were going to make our property. I had no
        idea how great they were going to treat us. Nor did I realize how great it was
        going to make our house look; it actually looks brand new now. They really did a
        great job. And today I am going to go buy them a little present as a token of
        my sincere gratitude.

        It is so comforting to know that if anything comes up in the future, that I could
        call these nice fellas up and ask them what to do, and they'll help. They really
        are the salt of the earth.

        I trusted these guys every step of the way. I know you can too. Knowing what
        I know now, I really couldn't ever use anyone else. The entire crew, every single
        one of them, worked their butts off to do everything right. They didn't cut a single
        corner. God bless 'em.

        Thanks for reading this.

        -Melissa B. in Leander

          Excellent service. You won't
          be disappointed.

          by ToddD at Citysearch

          I'm more than impressed with Alan, Matt and the company they've built. I had
          them put in our sprinkler system over a year ago and they had, by far, the
          best service, response times and pricing as three other companies I looked at.
          I also just recently ran into some minor issues with my sprinkler system and
          called them up and both Matt and Alan were out here within a day and fixed
          everything at no charge.

          The service they provide is above and beyond all other landscaping companies
          I've worked with, and their prices are more than competitive. If you need
          landscaping work done, especially a sprinkler system, use them.

            Wouldn't use anyone else but Hunter!

            by gftitan at Citysearch

            These guys are as good as it gets. I had several estimates for my front yard to
            have sprinklers installed. Some were higher and some lower. But Matt was there
            on time to do the quote and was just a real easy going, no pressure guy.

            They were new to our area (Cedar Park) and so I gave them a chance, and I was
            real happy i did. After signing the contract, they were at my home the next day,
            got to work right away, they cleaned up after themselves and had the job done
            on time as promised and the system works great! Had them back out to do the
            back yard the following year, and it was as good as the first time, on time and
            working great.

            I have had a few issues with the valves and had a leak after a freeze. I gave
            them a call and they came right out to look at the problem and were there the
            next day and had it fixed, no change and no questions asked!

            I have given them as a reference to a few friends, and they were just as happy
            as I was with their work! It's great to know there are still businesses out there
            that believe in good customer service!

            Big thanks goes to Matt and Allen!

              Hunter Irrigation & Landscaping

              by CET at Citysearch

              Alan and Matt are quick to reply by email. Arrived exactly on time, did exactly
              what they said they would do, used the highest quality parts I have experienced
              to date, and this is my 6th system. The price was right, the contract is excellent.
              The crew was exceptionally nice. What can I say?? Top Notch. Very rewarding.
              If you have a question, just answer it to the positive.

              • Pros: Price, speed, personalities
              • Cons: None

              Best Landscapers

              by Darla B at Citysearch

              Hunter Services was great. We had lost our yard and in need of help. They
              responded promptly and were very friendly and professional. They did all
              that we asked and wanted and added their own creativity. We could not be
              happier. Everytime we are outside, someone stops walking or driving by
              and comments on how beautiful it all is.

              • Pros: Fast, reliable, efficient and friendly.
              • Cons: Cannot think of anything!



              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

              by blarue

              They say you get what you pay for....I think I actually got more than I paid for.
              They were the 2nd to the lowest bid, but took care of me like they were the highest
              bid. My lawn looks like they were never there. Alan and Matt were the best. Thanks
              guys! I will do my best to send more business your way. Keep up the good work.
              I will call you when we are ready to rock the back patio and get yard lights. :)

              • Pros: Fast, Courteous, Professional
              • Cons: none yet

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

              by Shannon919

              I have really wanted a sprinkler system for a while but have been scared of the high
              prices some friends have paid. I called a few of the places my friends recommended
              and was disappointed with the phone experience-or lack there of. I actually got
              lucky-I googled and found Hunter Irrigation. They answered the phone right away
              and had answers to all of my questions. They came out quick and had a quote sent
              back to me within one day. The price was very competitive! Since they do
              landscaping work, we wanted to make some changes to our backyard while they
              were out there-no problem! The crew came on time, finished that day, and left my
              lawn looking pretty much untouched. Alan and Matt did a walk through with me to
              check all of the sprinklers and to teach me the program. They fine-tuned everything
              the way I needed it and made sure I was happy with the installation. We will
              definitely be contacting them for future landscaping work. Thanks guys!

              • Pros: Best customer service all around
              • Cons: no cons

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              My yard was an absolute disaster. I had no sprinkler, very little grass and my flower
              beds were full of weeds.

              Alan and Matt met me promptly to discuss my options and provided a lot of helpful

              Their bid was the most affordable of the half dozen I received. However, the low
              price in no way meant cheap work. They installed the latest Hunter equipment
              including the MP-Rotor type heads and drip lines in my side strips.

              They also installed new sod over 75% of my yard and cleaned up my beds with
              flowers and mulch.

              All this was completed in just a couple days by their hard working and very polite

              I would recommend these guys to anyone.

              uoflkjo@hotmail - 78717

              • Pros: Quality, Speed, Service, Price
              • Cons: None

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

               March 08, 2009  by shawnandrenee  

              Besides the great price, product, and satisfaction, there are numerous reasons to
              hire this company. 1). They do irrigation systems and landscaping. If you need both,
              you'll save time, energy, and money if you have them do everything you need in one
              project. Hunter was under all other bids we got for the irrigation system, and we got
              a great deal on the landscaping. 2). Matt and Alan will never ignore you. Matt always answered his phone. Alan always answered his emails with our many, many
              questions over the weekend and in the late evening. 3). This is a non-pretentious
              company that doesn't make you feel stupid by asking tons of questions. We've had
              other companies out to our house that act like you should feel grateful to have their
              expertise standing on your property. But, Matt and Alan were very, very patient with
              all our questions and qualms. We felt comfortable throughout the whole process, and we'll
              always feel comfortable calling them if we need them in the years to come.

              Goodbye to my hose and to hand watering

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

               Posted by QM4

              After spending more than a month getting bids (8 in all) talking to various irrigation
              system installers I ended up choosing Hunter Irrigation to put in my new system.
              I felt thier price was very fair and thier service is impeccable! Alan was very helpful in
              answering all my questions right away by email. I also felt for the money I got alot
              installed compared to other places I had contacted. Both Alan and Matt walked me
              through the system and made sure I understood how it worked. I also must
              compliment their crew, it only took them one day to install and in fact when i got
              home they were cleaning up and I looked at the lawn and I asked if they had even
              begun as my lawn looked virtually me that was a good sign that they
              all took pride in the system they installed.

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              I was expecting a very stressful and complicated process. Boy was I wrong! Called
              back within 24 hours, had an estimate in my email within 24 hrs. Which, by the way,
              was 1-2 weeks faster than the other 4 companies I called. They were straight forward,
              honest, reasonable and my yard looks like they were never there. WOOO HOOO!!
              No more water hose. Last night I turned on my sprinklers and stared at them with a
              cold one in my hand. Thanks Hunter Services. Wish I had done it sooner.

              Focused on me! 
              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended 


              BEAUTIFUL WORK! Not to mention that Alan and Matt are just really good people. They
              have an "old fashioned" kind of service and work ethic. Friendly, focused and fair.
              More simply put.... the project was all about me, making it just right, and they did. :)
              This service is hard to find.... I am pleased!

               Pros: Very engaged and focused!


               Wife was ecstatic, which means I was ecstatic

              4 Star Rating: Recommended



              I never go with the lowest bid and I never go with the highest bid. Hunter Services
              was very reasonable and professional. We had an estimate from Allen and Matt
              before the other comapanies even showed up. We knew a sorta what we were
              looking for. We looked at the pictures on their website to get more ideas. (if you
              have not seen them...go look) They helped us design our landscape plan, then
              designed the sprinkler to fit that plan perfectly. They built rock borders, a stone
              patio, and a pondless waterfall. Needless to say, we spend a lot more time outside.
              Thanks Hunter Services. When Tasha is happy....I am happy.

              Pros: Experience, Service

              Cons: would not do it for free

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended



              We contracted Hunter Irrigation & Landscaping for our store and were very
              impressed by both their landscaping capabilities as well as their exceptional
              customer service. They were very knowledgable and passionate about their work.
              The crew were tidy - no mess was left behind. We felt like they listened to what we
              wanted and did a great job with the small details.

              Pros: Timely, great results, excellent customer service

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              I highly recommend Hunter Services and would have given them 10 stars if I was
              able. This was by far the BEST customer service I have ever received. My husband
              called Monday to schedule a sprinkler installation; Alan called back and said his
              company could come to our house on Wednesday (the same week) to install a
              sprinkler system. Ricky and his crew arrived to our house no later than 8 o'clock in
              the morning (on both days) and him and his crew worked all day long. Alan and Matt
              came by throughout the day to make sure everything was going okay. Ricky and his
              crew were polite, very friendly and super neat, cleaning up their entire mess. It took
              about one and a half days for the installation. I can't say enough nice things about
              Hunter Services, Alan, Matt and Ricky and his crew! Please don't hesitate to give
              them your business, your lawn will be in good hands!

              Pros: Friendly, personable, neat, polite, punctual, and the list goes on....

              Cons: NONE

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              So for sprinkler systems, I threw out bids to about 8 companies. Hunter Irrigation
              and Landscaping was the fastest to respond and had me a quote within 24 hours.
              Other companies soon followed suit, but all around $500 to $1000 more than Hunter.
              I decided to go with Hunter. They installed very quickly, cleanly and were very nice.
              After everything was installed I was very happy. A couple weeks later I had one
              station that wasn't responding to the control center. I emailed them that night at
              around 11pm. The next day it was fixed by noon! Amazingly fast response time.
              I would have been satisfied with 2 day turn around time! The fix was easy and was
              a loose wire. I don't know how other companies would have handled it. If they
              handled it as slow as they did with their bids, I would have waited at least a week
              before getting service. That's a long time in this tough Texas heat! I'd definitly  
              recommend these guys for your sprinkler system. Even if they came out a bit
              more expensive than someone else, I'd take a second look at how great their
              service is and how long they warranty it. I highly recommend them, 5stars!

              Pros: Good service, very fast, great price, long warranty

              Cons: None

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              If Matt and Alan can deal with my obsessive compulsive ways, they have to be good.
              Made many changes throughout project and they were accomodating without
              getting ticked off. Very impressive guys. The whole project is the envy of my
              neighbors. Thanks again! Will send some friends your way for sure.

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              We were extremely impressed with the quality of work done by Matt and Alan and
              team. Our backyard went from a blank canvas to a breathtaking oasis getaway.
              They were able to come in, listen to what we were thinking and our ideas, and
              translate it into something stunning and even better then we could imagine.
              All at a wonderful price. And its fully irrigated for ease of care for us. In only a
              weeks time we had the backyard we had only dreamed of. As well as repairing
              the broken existing irrigation system at minimal cost. I would highly recommend
              them. Thanks for everything!

              Pros: Customer service, Ideas for a blank backyard, and quick but quality service.

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              They were the first and only company to call us back. They were at our house the
              SAME DAY to get us a quote! The rock work was beautiful, my sprinkler system is
              working great and me and my husband are ecstatic that we will not be dragging the
              hose around this summer. If you are shopping around, do yourself a favor, give them
              a try first. We are glad we did. Thanks Alan & Matt.

              Pros: Fast, Courteous, Professional

              Cons: Uhh, if I think of one I will come back and post it.

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              These guys were fast, friendly, and have great customer service. They were able to
              install my irrigation system in one day and when they were finished my yard looked
              as if they hadn't even worked in it. I highly recommend if you need landscape or
              irrigation you call Hunter Services. Thanks for the great service guys!

              5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


              From my first call to the final walk was impressive. They emailed me a quote within
              24 hours of my initial call. Every other company I called for a quote did not even
              respond till after Hunter Services had already completed the job. Staff was fast,
              friendly and professional. They even helped me find 3 reliable contractors for others
              jobs I needed to have done at my house. My wife was very impressed with the final
              outcome, which has made my life I have since referred them to 4 of my
              friends and neighbors. Thanks Hunter.

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