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Let our trained staff help you with the lay-out and design of your next landscape project.

Hunter has one of the best Rock crews in the Austin area on staff. Rock Decks, Rock Walls, Waterfalls for your pool, Rock Water Features, or Rock Paths... Call us for a quote. Pictures available upon request.

Whether it is helping to choose which type of grass best suits your needs, where to place new flower beds, how big, what shape, best trees for your yard, type / colors of mulch, different types of edging / borders, or most appropriate plants for your situation.... Let HUNTER SERVICES help!!

Sprinkler Systems Prices fluctuate in the hot summer months. They also tend to follow oil prices since 90% of the sprinkler system is made from petroleum based products.  Every house is different.   Only a personalized bid can give you an acurate quote of your house.  And, lucky for all of us...they are free.

Grass prices typically run $275-300 per pallet delivered and installed. This does not include varieties of Zoysia or shade tolerant Amerishade St. Augustine. Tear up and haul off of old grass is extra. A pallet covers roughly 400-420 square feet. In order to estimate how much it would be to grass your yard just measure it off in squares (length X Width) , add up the totals and divide by 400. This will tell you how many pallets you need. Then take that number and multiply by 275-300. This is roughly how much it would cost to grass your yard. A typical 30 gallon tree would run $295.00-$325.00 installed. This includes arbor ties, two tree stakes and mulch around the base.

Typical pricing for 6" x 4" Texas Limestone Chop Block is $22.00 a linear foot, depending on type of rock used.   That includes the delivery of the rock, leveled and installed with mortar joints.   To get an idea of how much a project would cost you, simply measure off the area you would like to have a rock border around and multiply by $22.00
If the border will be more than one rock high then you need to figure the length of the second tier / row as well before multiplying by $22.00

If length around your front flower bed is 35', around two trees totals 40', and around your utility area is 18' and you only want it 1 rock high, then you have a total of 93 linear feet.

Green Steel Edging Typically costs $35.00 per 10' section installed.  The same border project above using steel edging would cost $525.00 plus tax.

Plant pricing varies based on size (gallon), type, and availability.

I have tried to cover some very basic formulas and pricing to aid in your decision making process.  However, it is still FREE to allow HUNTER SERVICES come out and do a complete estimate on your project.  The above information is simply food for thought.  Thanks!
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